Industrial logistics parks transportation solutions
Elevator and AGV are intelligently linked to seamlessly connect horizontal and vertical transportation, significantly improves factory logistics efficiency. It can adapt to most industrial transportation requirements and meet the transportation requirements of oversized and overweight goods.
In view of the design and planning services and support
  • The architectural design

    Provide consulting service, to ensure the optimal traffic for your building; Support traffic analysis, planning and simulation; Support energy consumption calculation.
  • The elevator plan and specification

    Easy to use giant vertical elevator elevator design online tools; Create CAD drawings, 3 d models, plus set elevator specifications as a whole.
  • The elevator decoration design

    Provided the inspiration for all kinds of car decoration design; Giant sign capsules design software to help you create personalized capsules decoration; Contact the giant elevator sales staff to obtain sample data.
During the period of construction of the service and support
  • The installation planning and site preparation

    Professional project managers and team; Detailed project plan, in various stages of maintain a positive communication; Clear requirements on the construction site, make sure to carry out the installation work on time.
  • Elevator installation and construction in the elevator

    Use of mature, effective and safe installation method; During the period of construction are the elevators can improve the efficiency of the construction site; Giant vertical elevator that jump a layer suitable for high-rise building construction.
  • Delivery and maintenance

    Delivery before a full ride comfort test; According to your demand customized maintenance contracts. Upgrading solution to cover the entire life cycle of your architecture.
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