Maintenance Service

  • Customized Services

    Customized Services

    Based on different customer needs and equipment conditions, Joylive can provide tailor-made maintenance solutions that are cost-effective, safe and reliable.
  • Advanced Internet of Things support

    Advanced Internet of Things support

    Joylive has created the industry-leading elevator IoT platform Joylive™, which can manage and serve elevators of different types and brands online. With advanced IoT technology, our maintenance services are greatly improved compared to traditional elevator maintenance companies on many aspects such as timely, accurate and reliability.
  • Professional maintenance team

    Professional maintenance team

    Joylive owns a professional elevator maintenance technical service team and formulates standard maintenance and repair process and operation instruction manuals. All personnel are professionally trained in practical operation, and have obtained national accreditation certificates, they are familiar with elevator structure and electrical configuration of multiple brands.
  • Fast response around the clock

    Fast response around the clock

    There is a 365-day 7X24-hour elevator service command center, which is equipped with service specialists and professional technical personnel to respond to your needs at any time, providing you with services and technical support around the clock.