• CNAS Approved Laboratory

    CNAS Approved Laboratory

    Joylive’s laboratory has been approved by CNAS and has become a national laboratory.It is a high recognition of the inspection and testing level and quality management of the company's elevator products,indicating that the company's elevator research and development,quality control testing accuracy,effectiveness and scientificity have reached international level.
  • Suzhou University

    Suzhou University

    In 2015, the China country's first batch of Internet of Things Engineering College, National Software Engineering Professional Construction Center, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Joylive, established the Institute of Intelligent Technology. Many experts work together on Internet of Things, big data, Development and upgrade of cloud services and high-end intelligence.
  • Agency for Science,Technology and Research

    Agency for Science,Technology and Research

    The Singapore Science and Technology Research Authority (A*STAR) is a research institute of the Singapore Government, it is responsible for the development and promotion of new technologies and technology updates. Joylive cooperates with A*STAR and HDB to jointly develop the building management platform based on intelligent elevators.


    The Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB) is responsible for the planning, construction and management of government functions in Singapore's new towns. In 2016, Joylive cooperated with the Singapore Housing Development Board and the Information Technology Research Institute of the Singapore Science and Technology Research Institute to develop a building management platform based on intelligent elevator solutions.
  • Elevator Testing Tower

    Elevator Testing Tower

    Joylive for its worldwide elevator business, manufactures more than 20,000 units of elevators and escalators annually and is also dedicated to developing new products to introduce to global market. In order to develop elevators, the performance and quality need to be tested using actual elevators, which had been accommodated by the testing towers. The testing tower is 118m height (6 test shafts), max. test speed is 8m/s.
  • Jiangsu Digital Intelligent Elevator Engineering Technology Research Center

    Jiangsu Digital Intelligent Elevator Engineering Technology Research Center

    After three years of construction, Joylive was awarded as Digital Intelligent Elevator Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province by the Science and Technology Department in 2014. The company has advanced digital intelligent elevator product development, industrialization and marketing applications and technical solutions and R&D engineering basement. Joylive is making every effort to master core technologies, enhances competitiveness in industry, and builds national brands with independent intellectual property rights. For more info pls contact
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