About Joylive
Joylive Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 in Kunshan, Suzhou City, China and was listed on stock exchange in September 2015. Joylive is specializing in elevator and escalator manufacturing and service, it has an industry-leading intelligent manufacturing center with area of 70, 000 m2. The products include Passenger Elevators, Home Elevators, Freight Elevators, Escalators and Autowalks.
The company focuses on creating a nationwide marketing and service network system integrating sales, engineering, and services. At the same time, it actively explores international market. After continuous development, Joylive Elevator’s sales and service network have covered more than 50 countries including New Zealand, Australian, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa etc.
Joylive insists on quality and brand building and has maintained rapid growth for many years. It is determined to develop into a high-end manufacturing and service company. We will continue to offer the devised products with high quality to the customers, and endeavor to be the most competitive elevator enterprises in the world and the first elevator brand choice of customers.
  • The company was founded in 2002
  • Was listed in September 2015
  • Center with area of 70, 000 ㎡
    70, 000
  • Network have covered more than 50 countries