Elevator, escalator parts and lift modernization

Customized spare parts for elevator and escalator

Prescription parts by Joylive are custom-engineered replacement parts designed to meet or surpass the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements. The process can be applied to all makes and models of lifting equipment and to a certain extent, for passenger elevators, freight elevators and escalators.

Transform your old, inefficient elevator into a high-performance machine
  • PLANNING: We will help you plan and budget the modernization.
  • INSTALLATION: Our installation planning methods means less disturbance to building users.
  • COMPLETION: We complete projects on time and on budget, with safety and quality testing.
We provide all kinds of lift parts for different brand elevators, including…

We provide more secure services
  • Safety

    We use the best quality components to improve safety and help you better manage risk in your building.
  • Quality

    With 19-year manufacturing experience, Joylive as factory has good sources to guarantee that all upgrading parts are of the best quality, to make sure elevator running longer.
  • Fast delivery

    From the idea to delivery of your products in 5 days! Joylive technician support you step-by-step as you select and configure your elevator modernization plan.
  • Performance

    Elevator performance can be greatly improved by modernizing components like control system and door operator. These upgrades improve reliability, leveling accuracy, waiting time, and accessibility.
  • Eco-efficiency

    Upgrading elevator’s electrification system, control system can significantly reduce energy consume, making your elevator more eco-efficient, these upgrades also cut your operating costs.
  • New Standard Complied

    The modernized products, which fully comply with new standards, bring safety to a new level.

Modernization/Upgrading Projects

Project Name: Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Origin Brand: Otis-Express
Lift Type: Passenger Lift, 1250kg, 2.5m/s, MR, 23/23/23
Completion Date: Dec 2016
Upgraded parts: Full lift replacement except guide rails



Project Name: Nikko Hotel Suzhou
Location: Suzhou city, China
Origin Brand: Toshiba
Lift Type: Passenger Lift, 1250kg, 2m/s, MR, 28/28/28
Completion Date: June 2017
Upgraded parts: Electric system, controller, signal system