Flexible production line of cabin wall panel

Production line combines Salvagnini precise steel panel processing with the functions of automatic glue, welding and packing robot, and the whole line is remarkable smooth from products on-line of raw materials to welding, painting, packing.

Fully automatic production line of landing doors

The whole production line is put into production order with the company ERP system, it can automatically completed feeding material, punching, cutting, folding, glue, welding and automatic packing and other processes.

Automatic laser cutting machine

It can not only cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other conventional materials, but also can cut non-metallic materials stably and effectively, in addition to enhance the speed of sheet metal processing effectively, it can also process standard laser machining, coupling welding units, which greatly improves product accuracy and productivity.

Automatic bending arm

Bending mechanical arm can be operated automatically, grab sheet metal for processing automatically, automatic folding, stacking, and the system uses teach-in function, it has good man-machine interface, simple operation, safe, with good performance and stability, it is possible to save labor costs, increase productivity, and improve the accuracy and quality of processing.