We celebrated the new intelligent manufacturing center into production and testing tower foundation on May 28th.2016.         About 600 domestic and overseas partners and guests took part in this great event.        The 3.0 beta of JOYLIVE CLOUD was released at site.        JOYLIVE and ZIGUANGZHIYUN signed the strategic cooperation of Intelligent building information platform.          the wonderful moment. [ Detail ]
Joylive,bridging the city buildings and your friend of wonderful life
                Joylive,bridging the city buildings and your friend of wonderful life-JOYLIVE at Shanghai International Elevator Exhibition 2016. the wonderful moment. The urban architectural complex, the construction of rail transport and the crowds, which show Joylive’s development strategy to enter architecture system and the service of urban operation. Operating Disabled Domestic and overseas guests 《China Elevator》 interviews CEO ZhuJian Dynamic occasion Balance bike dancing See you next time. [ Detail ]
The intelligent technology cooperation in Singapore
On April 28th 2016, JOYLIVE ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD (subsidiary of JOYLIVE ELEVATOR CO., LTD) and HDB (Housing & Development Board) and I2R of A-STAR (Institute for InfoComm Research, which belongs to Agency for Science, Technology and Research) signed an Agreement in Singapore, which decide to cooperate and develop the intelligent technology of elevator together. JOYLIVE decide to speed up the schedule of overseas market strategy, and this cooperation will help to supply better service for overseas customers.  [ Detail ]
"Joylive springs up, partnersshare honors"Joylive Elevator CO., LTD inauguration ceremony was held s
On May 15,Joylive Elevator Co., Ltd. founding conference was heldin fairmont Hotel near the Yangcheng Lake.chairmanHebin Zhang made a welcome speech and held the opening ceremonywith  guests and staff in the headquarter in Kunshan. This openeda new journey and gave a bright future for Joylive. The predecessor of the company - Suzhou great Elevator Co., Ltd. is committed to the construction of traffic flow logistics solutions for thirteen years.It has provided  transport services for 50 countries, 500 cities and 10000000 people. Joylive has been adhering to the core technology research and the advancement of service system,etc. It is also striving to achieve the across from the general manufacturing industry to high-end manufacturing services. The creation of joint-stock c[ Detail ]
Team strength
October 17-18 Suzhou giant elevator held third quarter marketing conference. In the company's top leadership, marketing team to analyze the market, a serious summary, clear thinking, clear objectives. The giant's elite will be the huge nuclear team strength, in order to achieve the annual target sprint! wonderful reviews of the conference  Joylive,Joylive,you are the best!   Welcome to home,elites!   Every word is in our heart!     Listen to marketing work reports, we are serious and focus, this is our attitude!   It is a nice and cool time for the 10km Walker activity named Joydone.This activity pushes themarketing conference into climax! [ Detail ]
In 2014,be the winner! Half-year sales conference of Joylive
  Insunny July, the whole company welcomed marketing eliteswho foughtpassionately for half a year to home.   Contest the performance with each other, introspect sales problems,discuss the opposite solutions and adjust the later sales plannings   The energy of Joylive will let us win!   [ Detail ]
Happy work, healthy life,we are great!
No brother, no basketball! It is such a team that insist and never say die.In Joylive elevator, this basketball club gathersvarious handsome guys from different sectors together .Youth and passion float here in the sky.Let us enjoy their first round of training! Liu Xiang style,"cross basket"!   Block together   Extraordinary bounce   Honey ,do you know I’m waiting for you?[ Detail ]
Highlights of Joylive Eagle Team
Did you touch at that moment? At that moment ,isthere a picture about them who were at your side to give you powerful strength in your mind? Did you think about your life at that moment? Just two days’expanded training linked work, life, career, team, family, friends closely. whose ears hurt most Touch what to cross the river So many players take a ball. Trust! Do you remember who tried to hand up to the highest point when you are in the process of climbing?Do you remember who helped and protected you to climb the escape wall ?     [ Detail ]
Inspiration of trainees
We are a group of "green onion" who just graduated from school. We are mechanical professional graduates. As a new member of Joylive, we were early heardthe traditional training practice is uncommon.In addition to the classroom teaching,it also has"dumplings" test. Today, I finally experienced what was"non - General"! Bearing the high temperature up to 30℃, we went to the forefront of elevator installation——villas of Lanbowan,Kunshan.Although it is a villa area, the environment of the construction site was very difficult! Accompanying with sand and cement,fightingwith mosquitoes ant flies,practicinginstallationin an narrow wellhole.In a moment, we were so hot that our clothes all wet,like Boiled dumplings! However, in order to obtain practical [ Detail ]
Quality month report
Recently, company’s quality month carried on the work of the first training——《the quality consciousness,analysis and correction》.Theskeleton staffsof all departments participated in this training. "The quality awareness of employees are trained," said the minister -- quality speaker. Importing quality concepts, analyzing the problems and taking corresponding measureswill strengthen the sense of employees’ involvement. Quality focus on prevention, rather than later corrected. Joylive will continue to carry out quality series training, improve the quality of staff awareness and improve employees’ motivation!  [ Detail ]