Team strength

2015年08月05日 20:36

October 17-18 Suzhou giant elevator held third quarter marketing conference. In the company's top leadership, marketing team to analyze the market, a serious summary, clear thinking, clear objectives. The giant's elite will be the huge nuclear team strength, in order to achieve the annual target sprint!

wonderful reviews of the conference 

JoyliveJoylive,you are the best!


Welcome to home,elites!


Every word is in our heart!



Listen to marketing work reports, we are serious and focus, this is our attitude!


It is a nice and cool time for the 10km Walker activity named Joydone.This activity pushes themarketing conference into climax!


Fresh green team is starting from the company, along the yangcheng lake


Walking, acting, we go ahead and smile in the sunshine!

Climb highand overlook the whole lake,Joylive becomes more beautiful!


The team has a power named Stand! This is our appointment——in 2014,sprint to the victory, we are on the road!