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2020.12.31 1017
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Eighteen-year-old Joylive, accompany you in youth field!

In Chinese traditional culture, we must hold an adult ceremony at the age of eighteen to declare to the world that children have grown up and can do more valuable things for society. Today, Joylive is also just eighteen years old, and he staggers all the way, its figure of a struggling man overwhelmed by obstacles, becoming clearer and brighter.

This year we experienced an unprecedented and difficult challenge. The huge impact of COVID-19 epidemic on global economy has brought us a very negative impact. In face of the epidemic, we did not panic, fight it, ensure production, health protection, and quickly resume production. Correctly, still handed in a beautiful answer sheet.

When the international epidemic intensifies, Joylive adjusted its strategy in time, took multiple measures to expand domestic market, and steadily maintained the overseas markets. The company's sales revenue in 2020 increased by 20%, effective orders increased by 28%, and the number of deliveries will increase by 15%; domestic effective orders and delivery both increased by 30%.

Joylive is eighteen years old, we have grown up, and the responsibilities on our shoulders have become heavier. But we do not forget our original intentions, in the ever-changing competitive environment, always maintain the spirit of ingenuity, seek our core values, obtain core competitiveness, and create "moats" with ultimate personalized products.

Joylive insists on innovation, and will continue to increase R&D investment, continuously upgrade the IoT elevator platform, and provide customers with more digital solutions.

We will continue to strengthen internal management, improve existing systems, and improve execution efficiency and effectiveness; strengthen the quality of products and services, and provide customers with timely and efficient standardized service mechanisms. Give full play to the exemplary and leading role of high-quality development benchmark enterprises.

Youth is splendid by tempering, and life is sublimated by struggle. The long river of history is endless, there are calm waves, and there are turbulent waves. An indomitable and courageous young man, he is not afraid of wind and rain, nor is he afraid of dangers, and is moving towards the world!

Thanks to friends and partners from all over the world for your trust and support over the years, and thank all Joylive staff and their families for their hard work, let us join hands to welcome the arrival of 2021!

I wish you all a happy new year and a happy family!

Chairman of Joylive Elevator Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hebin Zhang

December 31, 2020


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