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Joylogi Logistics Freight Elevator

F100 MR Freight Elevator

Provide door-to-door elevator logistics solutions for comprehensive industrial parks and various industrial enterprises to solve the last 100 meters of industrial park logistics

Product Information

F100 MR Freight elevators provide door-to-door logistics solutions for comprehensive industrial parks and various industrial enterprises, including overall logistics assistance planning, storage and handling, distribution and delivery and other package solutions. The powerful drive system and highly-reinforced mechanical structure design can not only accommodate a large amount of cargo, but also can operate reliably in various harsh environments. It is highly efficient, reliable, robust, and accurate, and is widely used in factories and warehouses, shopping malls and other types of cargo space.

Made Attentively, Technical Protection

  • 1Solid and durable car

    The high-strength sheet bending forming technology ensures that the car is solid and durable, and the company can also choose a specially designed crash barrier to allow the car to receive multiple protections.

  • 2Humanized Operation

    With automatic full collection function, it can realize presence/absence of attendant control. In addition, special "close delay" button is set on the car's control box to delay the closing time.

  • 3High Accuracy Leveling

    Using high-resolution coding technology, leveling accuracy of elevators can reach the order of ≤ 5mm.

  • 4Infrared light curtain protection system

    In the entire car door height, an infrared light curtain protection system with extremely high sensitivity is installed to make it safer for cargo and personnel to enter and exit the car.

  • 5Max. Modular Assembly Before Delivery

    Elevator components are maximally modularized and assembled, greatly improving on-site installation quality and efficiency. All work that can be completed in factory is completed assembly with strict quality inspection before delivery, which greatly improves installation quality and shorten installation time at job site

Smart Service, Enjoy Life

With Joylive intelligent elevator IoT service platform - Joycloud™, tens of thousands of elevators around the world are gathered on a shared platform through wireless data transmission technology, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of key data in elevator operation process, to achieve elevator industry from passive services to active services and make elevators safer, management easier.


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