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W100 Dumb Waiter

W100 dumb waiter lifts are small items vertical transportation solutions for canteens, restaurants, hotels, schools and other places

Product Information

W100 dumb waiter, small size, full-featured, easy to install, stable delivery, suitable for restaurant canteens to transport meals and factories, libraries and other shipping debris.

Made Attentively, Technical Protection

  • 1Precision one-piece frame

    One-piece frame design, components are completed inside the frame. Lift can be installed without closing shaft to facilitate construction.

  • 2Reduce floor space and save construction costs

    No need to set up support frames, embedded parts and hoisting ropes, or control panel holes, to facilitate construction, reduce floor space and save construction costs.

  • 3No pit design

    No pit design, reducing difficulty and cost of civil construction, and ensuring building integrity.

Smart Service, Enjoy Life

With Joylive intelligent elevator IoT service platform - Joycloud™, tens of thousands of elevators around the world are gathered on a shared platform through wireless data transmission technology, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of key data in elevator operation process, to achieve elevator industry from passive services to active services and make elevators safer, management easier.


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