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Joycity High-end Business Elevators

3600 SMR Passenger Elevator

Specially designed and built for high-end business buildings, suitable for high-end office buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other construction sites

Product Information

The 3600 Small Machine Room passenger elevator are for commercial and high-end residential buildings allowing flexible combination of system layout, car dimensions and car interior design, which makes it also suitable for special applications like hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and public buildings; energy saving traction elevator applying.

Made Attentively, Technical Protection

  • 1Traction Motor Brake Force Self-Test

    The elevator control and monitoring system regularly detects braking capability of traction motor brake, verifies its reliability, completely avoids safety problems caused by failure of brake, greatly improves safe operation of elevator, and realizes health and safety self-diagnosis of elevator, to discover sub-health status of elevator in advance.

  • 2Non-Door Area Anti-Push Door Protection Device

    The protection device actively locks car door to keep passengers in safest place when elevator not stop in door area, to avoid fall down accident caused by forced entry of door.

  • 3Mute Design for Key Components

    Contactor only emits tiny suction sound by using mute design when elevator starts and stops, it also adopts silent design brake to effectively reduce noise in machine room at the same time.

  • 4Max. Modular Assembly Before Delivery

    Elevator components are maximally modularized and assembled, greatly improving on-site installation quality and efficiency. All work that can be completed in factory is completed assembly with strict quality inspection before delivery, which greatly improves installation quality and shorten installation time at job site.

  • 5Excellent Car Damping System

    Reinforced car bottom, car top wheel damping system, damping effect can be increased by more than 30%, with a perfect combination of damping and non-damping damping system, so that passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride experience.

  • 6Standard Integrated COP, High-end and Elegant Design, Out of Ordinary

ISO25745 Class-A Highest Energy Certification

  • Realize seamless transition between working state and non-working state. When car is empty, elevator enters standby state, power consumption is lower than 50W. When elevator is started, it immediately wakes up and resumes normal use, which can reduce 50% power consumption for customer. Standard LED energy-saving lighting, eco-friendly, environmental protection, ultra-low energy consumption and long life.

Smart Service, Enjoy Life

With Joylive intelligent elevator IoT service platform - Joycloud™, tens of thousands of elevators around the world are gathered on a shared platform through wireless data transmission technology, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of key data in elevator operation process, to achieve elevator industry from passive services to active services and make elevators safer, management easier.


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