Stock Name: Joylive  Stock Code: 833481

Joylogi Logistics Freight Elevator

Vertical logistics elevator traction / hydraulic drive / MRL / small room layout and other different structures to meet the diverse needs of industrial buildings and goods; high reliability and enhanced structural design to ensure the logistics of high strength, continuous and high durability operation; elevator is the core for complete vertical logistics solution, and at the same time, it can provide auxiliary logistics supporting planning. The vertical logistics of building is an important receiving and dispatching point for the overall logistics within the building, and is also part of the land, sea and air logistics system.

Smart Service, Enjoy Life

With Joylive intelligent elevator IoT service platform - Joycloud™, tens of thousands of elevators around the world are gathered on a shared platform through wireless data transmission technology, real-time collection, statistics and analysis of key data in elevator operation process, to achieve elevator industry from passive services to active services and make elevators safer, management easier.