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Joyclould™ 4.0 Elevator IoT Service Platform Elevator

Connected technologies, connecting people

More smooth and time-saving, more security, beyond imagination

Smart Service, Enjoy Life

Take the Internet of Things and big data as entry point to form an open, compatible, human-computer interaction, intelligent management, stable and secure industry sharing service platform

  • Artificial Intelligence: The AI trend is coming and the future has come

    In recent years, AI has become a new focus of international competition. Under the common drive of new technologies such as mobile internet, big data, super computing, sensor networks, and brain sciences, artificial intelligence is profoundly changing human social life and changing the world. As core driving force of new round of industrial reforms, artificial intelligence is becoming a new engine for China’s economic development to reconstruct production, distribution, exchange, and consumption, and other economic activities. It has spawned new technologies, new products, new industries, new formats, and new mode. Joylive Elevator adheres to the “three-in-one” promotion of artificial intelligence research and development, product application and industrial cultivation. Under the background of adapting to development trend of artificial intelligence, strengthen innovation chain, promote industrial upgrading with technological breakthroughs, and take the Internet of Things and big data as the entry point. To build Joycloud Elevator IoT service platform, forming an industry-shared service platform that is open, compatible, human-computer interaction, intelligent management, stable and secure, and has become a pioneer in the post-elevator service era, providing smarter, more humane and safer services.

    Breakthrough post-elevator service, smart service, enjoy Life

    Joylive Elevator deepen the opportunity of post-elevator-service marketing, it launched Joyclould Elevator IoT service system platform 4.0 To make post-elevator-service as core concept, it is committed to elevator "intelligence" service 24-hour online supervision of elevator operation, providing intelligent services, to combine full elevator manufacturers, installation maintenance organizations, government regulatory agencies, distribution agencies, property management units and passengers together closely. All parties share data and bring real-time security and convenience.

  • When elevators connected with IoT Joycloud™ 3.0, achieved disruptive innovations from passive services to active services

    Joycloud Elevator Internet of Things platform, which was independently developed by Joylive. It is based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, is an intelligent elevator management platform with completely independent intellectual property rights. It can provide elevator process management and intelligent services for full elevator manufacturing enterprise, government regulatory department, install maintenance organizations, property management units, distribution agencies, and passengers, covering elevator sales, production, installation, operation, maintenance, overhaul and renovation. Through application of wireless data transmission technologies, tens of thousands of elevators distributed throughout the country are brought together on a shared platform to collect, count and analyze key data in elevator operation process in real time. For more info pls contact Realize remote monitoring, online maintenance, grid rescue, dynamic detection, interactive experience, media information, and other business functions to make elevators more secure, make management easier, achieved disruptive innovations from passive services to active services

Six Core Functions

Joyclould™ 4.0, to help elevator run safer and service smarter

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