Residence strategy for passenger flow

It could satisfy the global residential market,
cover the rigid demand and the second residential market as well as the the third market,
offer the auxiliary architectural design,
the project of the house size and the passenger flow, and promote the building appreciate in value.

Business strategy for passenger flow

It could offer the service of the design,
the manufacture, the installation, the operation and the monitoring of the elevator of the JuLI.
And it is also available for the high-grade residences,
shopping center, cbd, hotel, traffic hub and other public buildings.

Personal design of elevator for villa

It could provide the auxiliary villa design,
the survey and construction of the land,
the scheme of the traffic and special functions,
space design for passengers and the full solution plan for financial budget.

To achieve the last 100 meters of the logistics of the industrial park

It could supply the door-to-door service for the compositive industrial center
and various industrial and mining enterprises
which include the whole logistics project
the store, the load and the unload, the transition, the distribution and all kinds of service.